Interaction Design

abril 9, 2006

First Principles of Interaction Design

The fundamental principles to the design and implementation of effective interfaces and to the understanding of ID.

The interface have to be visually clean and without a lot of useless information (i. e. lot of colors, banners, texts…)

The main principles:

*Anticipation – Don't expect the user to search the information or service.

*Autonomy – All this "belong" to the user. Give the autonomy, but with rules, limits. Let they THINK that are in the control.

Use status mechanisms to keep users aware and informed and keep the information within easy view

* Color Blindess – Use the colors to complete the your information. But keep clean.

* Consistency – The most important consistency is consistency with user expectations.

* Defauts – Defaults should be "intelligent" and responsive.

* Efficiency of the User – Look at the user's productivity, not the computer's. Keep the user occupied.Write help messages tightly and make them responsive to the problem.

* Explorable interfaces – Don't give all the information. Make easier to stay in, keep it accessible. The user likes to fell in home. Always allow "undo".

* Fitt's law – "The time to acquire a target is a function of the distance to and size of the target."

* Human Interface Objects – They are all the things what can make influence in the user, can be seen, heard, touched, or otherwise perceived.

* Latency reduction – Reduce the user’s experience of latency. And make it faster.

* Learnability – All applications and services, no matter how simple, will display a learning curve.

* Metaphors, Use of – Metaphors can create visible pictures in the mind, and them make the "interface understanding process" easier.

* Protect user's work – Ensure that users never lose their work as a result of error on their part

* Readbility – Make simple to read on your site

* Track State – State information should be held in a cookie on the client machine during a session with a transaction service, then stored on the server when they log off

* Visible Navigation – Avoid invisible navigation.

That's all… Coment's are apreciaded 🙂